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How to Have A Healthy Family Dynamic in Ajoya Capas

Creating and maintaining a healthy family dynamic can potentially be easier specially if you have a home like Ajoya Capas that’s conducive to family living.


As the old saying goes “blood is thicker than water”, this old proverb states that relationships and loyalties within families are said to be the strongest and most cherished ones. They are the first people you encounter from the moment you are born. Your first memories are shared among your parents and siblings, and as you grow old and have a family of your own, you then form new memories with your spouse and children. Children who grew up in a healthy family environment have better levels of self-esteem and social skills. This environment promotes better communication between parents and children, drives them toward both academic and extracurricular goals, and teaches them to be instrumental members of society. Promoting a healthy family dynamic is beneficial to each of its members as your family as you will be surrounded by them throughout various chapters of your life

Filipinos are known to manifest close and strong family ties. The country’s Citizens are accustomed to placing high regard toward family members. The fathers are the breadwinners who provide for the needs of the household. The mothers are regarded as the light of the home, as they provide warmth and comfort in the household by nurturing and taking care of each family member. Children are raised to be polite and respectful to their parents and share household responsibilities through chores. Unlike other cultures where it is a norm for someone to live independently after 18, Filipino children stay intact with their families and keep intact with them for a much longer time. The home you live in plays a crucial part in the development of your family dynamic. When finding your future home, look for a community that fosters a family like relationship among its residents. 

Located in Tarlac is Ajoya Capas, a 13-hectare master-planned community. It is a living space that is designed to provide families with a better living experience through its open spaces and its green-filled surroundings. It is located 20 minutes away from the town proper and houses a multitude of activities with its various amenities, greenbelts, and pocket parks, making it an ideal community to promote healthy relationships among family members. Below are practices that can help promote a smooth sailing relationship among your family members within Ajoya Capas’ community. 

Offer Help and Support to One Another

Having a healthy family support system promotes a healthy relationship within the household. By being there to encourage you to do more, cheer you through your accomplishments, and comfort you during your bad days, your family will serve as your backbone as you journey through life. 

Building a healthy support system is a constant journey and may sometimes be challenging. It is not a lesson you can teach kids but it is a lifestyle that you incorporate within your family as you grow together. 

Start by demonstrating the support that you want to see in your family by supporting them. Set an example by cheering for them, complimenting them, and being there for them whenever needed. Praise that dish your wife cooked or give your kid a high five after acing that math test. This goes a long way and will encourage them to practice the same habits. Be the support that you are looking for in a family. 

Once you have started to incorporate the habit within your family, time to take your relationship to a deeper level. Be more involved in each other’s affairs and start approaching matters as a family. Even small gestures such as helping your partner out with her tasks in your free time, or helping your kid with that hobby he recently got into, have a positive impact on building a support system, making the family’s bond grow deeper. 

With today’s traffic index, the country’s vehicle congestion causes delays, time wasted, and time away from families. According to statistics, the average Filipino commuter loses 188 hours stuck in traffic annually. Imagine the time you could have spent with your loved ones instead?

Situated along MacArthur Highway, Ajoya Capas is 5km or more or less a 20-minute drive away from the city proper and the budding New Clark city. It is located near schools, shopping malls, hospitals, markets, and multiple commercial establishments. As accessibility to nearby establishments and business centers lessen the time spent in traffic, families get to spend more time together while tending to each other’s needs. The convenience that this brings helps build healthy support systems among the community. 

Share Responsibilities Among the Household

Research states that 56% of couples divide household chores and see that this practice is important in the family. Over the years there has been all this talk about gender roles and inequality in the allocation of household chores that exists within families. By dividing chores, it saves couples and families the mental load of fighting about tasks like who washes the dishes and who takes out the trash. 

When it comes to children, assigning them responsibilities in the household is important for their growth and development. Assigning them chores helps them be more independent as individuals and is fundamental in training them to be responsible adults. Children must be taught the significance of sharing responsibility from an early age, as research shows that it is harder to teach them at an older age as it is not an easy habit to develop if not started young. By assigning them tasks as minute as cleaning after they eat, or sorting out their dirty clothes in an allotted area, children develop a sense of being enthusiastic about being part of a system around their home, eventually incorporating this into their role in society. 

The safe space Ajoya Capas’ gated community brings allow families to entrust more responsibilities to their children. Designed with walkways surrounded by green spaces, vecinos of Ajoya Capas can walk around safely while doing their household chores. The town plaza and various amenities around the property are no more than a 5-minute walk away, thanks to the community’s master-planned development. 

Involving children in home remodeling and improvement is a great family activity that can exercise shared responsibilities as a whole. Each house in Ajoya Capas has a fully customizable 2nd floor. It comes with an open layout giving vecinos untapped freedom to layout the upper level of their household as a family. This provides a healthy exercise of responsibility and creativity among youngsters. Aside from this, Ajoya Capas also sells bare lots, leaving the masterplan of the house to the family’s wild imagination. This is a great exercise among family members as they get to build their dream house amidst a growing community. Experience freedom to develop your family’s personalities and traits with Ajoya Capas. 

Do Fun Things Together 

Families who partake in various activities together form a strong bond. Studies show that involving themselves in group activities as a whole forms an emotional bond and helps each individual in a family adapt to various scenarios as a family. It develops positive behavior among children, and encourages communication between members of the household, making it fundamental for families to do things together, may it be a chore or something recreational such as a sport or a vacation trip.

Ajoya Capas houses a vast array of amenities, designed to inhibit interaction among families within the community. Families may enjoy several activities within the community. The face of the community is the Ajoya Capas Town Plaza, where families may enjoy eating and dining together just a few steps away from home. Ajoya Capas also houses its swimming pool which serves as a recreational tool for families within the community. It also houses a multi-purpose court, where families may keep fit and start an active lifestyle together. Lastly, the community houses a clubhouse where vecinos may house events and celebrations, promoting a bond with the society within the community. This promotes community interactions not just within the family, but within the community. 

Strategically located in Capas, Tarlac, Ajoya Capas will be made more accessible to neighboring cities such as New Clark city in Pampanga because of the government’s Build Build Build projects. Infrastructures will be built to improve access to northern Luzon. Aside from its connectivity benefits, the effects of these infrastructures will help facilitate business operations over Central Luzon, thus very beneficial for the economy of the cities around. This makes the Ajoya brand a good investment for families. Imagine your family bonding together surrounded by prosperity and abundance. 

Live in a place that values the bond between its vecinos, where family ties are nurtured forming bonds with neighbors is encouraged. Enjoy a healthy relationship with members of your family, and members of the community with Ajoya Capas by Aboitizland. Learn more by clicking on this link. Take a virtual tour here

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