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Find Your Center at Ajoya Capas

Ajoya Capas is a residential development in Central Luzon that offers a home that’s ideal for individuals and families that hail from different backgrounds.


There are many different reasons for trying to find a good home. Practically speaking, it’s so you can have a place where you and your loved ones can stay and rest after a long period of work. For some people, it’s so they can have multiple entries in their respective investment portfolios. For others, it’s so they can have a new home and actually feel a sense of ownership they didn’t originally have when they used to live with their parents. Regardless of your reason, nothing beats that sense of accomplishment of actually purchasing a new house in a residential development.

While it’s true that some neighborhoods can be more fitted to suit a certain type of audience, there’s nothing wrong with looking for one that has it all. Enter Ajoya Capas, AboitizLand’s very own residential development located in Central Luzon. This 13-hectare property is located in Capas, Tarlac and is master-planned to cater to the needs of any individual or family, making it a paragon in its own right. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a home in Ajoya Capas.

A Relaxing Home For You

One of the main reasons you buy a home is to be able to rest and relax in it. Most people dream of a home that’s surrounded by open parks, has a large enough space to accommodate more than one bedroom and has a porch. AboitizLand turns this dream into a reality with Ajoya Capas.

Ajoya Capas’ houses are designed by Buensalido+Architects, an award-winning architecture firm that ensures quality and integrity when it comes to construction. The houses are inspired by the Filipino Bahay na Bato which has a high adaptability to the local climate.

You can choose from a Duplex, Townhouse or Shophouse. Depending on your budget and preference, you have the option to choose between these units. Ajoya Capas gives you the option to customize your own space making it a simpler and smoother transition in buying a property.

Safe, Secure And Open

You want your family to be safe and secure at home while sleeping. Parents want their children to be sheltered and guarded. Ajoya Capas provides a gated community that prevents intruders and non-residential individuals from entering your homes. The subdivision also has security guards making sure that your family stays safe through the day and night. 

Apart from keeping you safe from potential external threats, Ajoya Capas also implements strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of the people even through the late phases of the pandemic. The wide open spaces also help in preventing the spread of the virus because it reduces the possibility of overcrowding while maintaining a breath of fresh air for the residents. 

Of course, safety and security also comes from a community that’s open to any and all sorts of cultures, preferences and backgrounds. This is something that Ajoya Capas looks for in a vecino and guarantees to provide the same kind of security to new ones.

Fully Functional Amenities 

Filipinos like going out to bond with their loved ones during the weekends, which is why one of their important deciding factors is the set of amenities that go with their prospective home. Ajoya Capas offers pools, parks, basketball courts, clubhouses and greenbelts where your kids can run, play, and even socialize with other children. It is important for the children to interact and build a social network not just on social media but in real life. 

With the Ajoya Capas Town Plaza, you don’t need to go far for your necessities as these shophouses will have what you need: from groceries to any other related services.

Ajoya Capas is a 13-hectare carefully planned subdivision that helps families find the best living accommodations through its abundant open spaces. The amenities, greenbelts, pocket parks, and homes are specifically designed to satisfy one’s needs for their family. The master plan of Ajoya Capas is designed with wide walkways that make it easy to traverse the development and other amenities by a 5-minute brisk walk or even less by using a bicycle. 

Not only are the amenities great, but Ajoya Capas maintains it to be clean and useful especially during the pandemic. They sanitize and disinfect it to make it safe for everyone. Your family can enjoy using the amenities provided by Ajoya Capas residences. 

A Favorable Location

Ajoya Capas is strategically located in Brgys. Talaga and Estrada, Capas, Tarlac, making it only 20 minutes away from the town proper and major developmental areas like New Clark City via MacArthur Highway/Manila North Road/R-9 and O’Donnell Rd. The ongoing road constructions and development will also benefit the people living in Ajoya Capas. It will make the commute easier and faster thanks to careful planning and correct execution of road-mapping. Ajoya Capas’ vecinos can enjoy hassle-free driving and transportation from and to Ajoya. 

Ajoya Capas is surrounded by commercial establishments essential for a striving family. You can visit three different malls within the vicinity, SM Tarlac, City Mall Tarlac, and Robinsons. There is also the Capas Public Market where you can buy affordable goods perfect for Saturday and Sunday. If there are health emergencies, you can quickly go to Capas Medical Center or Ospital Ning Capas.

If you want to go to Pampanga or Manila on the weekends, you can easily take SCTEX. This makes your travel more convenient and comfortable for family outings and bonding because you can get to Manila or Pampanga within 2 hour or less without experiencing heavy traffic, rather than using the main road which is prone to heavy traffic.

Location is critical in finding a home for your family. To help find your center within, your home should be established from a well-known subdivision, with a good community, and should be essential services and establishments for easier access. Ajoya Capas upgrades your lifestyle because Capas is a striving municipality, which in the foreseeable future will be the center of businesses and establishments. Though the area is becoming more urbanized, Ajoya Capas still retains its roots, creating a serene rural environment for its residents.

A Tangible Investment

With a 67.4% value appreciation since launch, Ajoya Capas’ property value is expected to increase through the years, making the place very enticing to people who are looking for a place to call home. The reason behind this is the New Clark City and its numerous infrastructure projects. 

Being close to schools, NGAC, BSP, Sports facilities and more, Ajoya Capas’ investment value is only going to skyrocket as the years pass. This makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s looking to add another item in their investment portfolio.

While it’s true that people’s reasons for getting a home can vary and have different points of intersection, one fact remains the same. A home is supposed to make you feel safe and sheltered, while also affording you the convenience of modern-day living. With a high investment value that’s expected to grow exponentially in the coming years and a community that’s open to any and all backgrounds and cultures, Ajoya Capas finds itself in the center of everyone’s desires.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Ajoya Capas, feel free to visit this link: https://aboitizland.com/ajoya-capas/. You can also take a virtual tour of this residential development here: http://bit.ly/AjoyaCapasVirtualTour

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