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How To Find Your Center In Ajoya Cabanatuan

Finding your center is more than just getting a work-life balance, it also requires safety and security. Here’s how Ajoya Cabanatuan does that for you.


Families tend to buy houses because of their appearance, location, security, or even because of the neighbors. But are they truly satisfied just because these things are present? To truly find ‘that’ perfect house, you need to find your ‘center’ as they call it. But how do you do it? How can you truly consolidate these varying factors? Is there a place that offers all these things for my family? The answer is simple – Ajoya Cabanatuan

From a real estate perspective, prospective buyers will prioritize almost any house that hits the market within their budget and preferences. This is great while it lasts, but when it is over, only people who choose the best location will be holding the most valuable property. This difference in value is largely a result of a home’s location. Ajoya is placed in one of the best locations possible, surrounded by schools, universities, malls, and markets making it an ideal place to live and stay not only for you but also for your family.

Ajoya Cabanatuan is a 19-hectare master-planned community that focuses on providing families with a better living experience through its bountiful open spaces, greenbelts and pocket parks, multiple amenities, and homes that are specifically designed for Cabanatuan’s climate. 

Here are some of the things for you to consider Ajoya Cabanatuan your future home and find your center within.

A Convenient Location

Depending on your specific needs, you should always consider the property’s proximity to all things that are important. This is not a problem for Ajoya homeowners because of its spot, it is near essentials considering hospitals, pharmacies, markets and more. 

If you are going or coming home from Manila, the journey is quite hassle-free. You can take CLLEX, and soon the North Luzon East Expressway  which will make your travel faster and easier. You can also go to Pampanga where you can visit the sky ranch or even eat at famous restaurants in it. You can also go to neighboring provinces like Bulacan and Nueva Vizcaya if you do enjoy the occasional road trips for your family. With central business districts like New Clark City and Northwin Global City, you’ll have convenient access to key areas of interest.

Suited For Filipino Families

As a family, you want a home to be a safe, nurturing, environment for your kids. You want them to grow-up in a community that upholds the best standards of society. It is vital for a child to socialize and interact with other children, the same can be said for the parents. Ajoya Cabanatuan is no exception when it comes to creating that harmonious habitat. 

If you are a newly-wedded couple, what better place to start your family than here. You can enjoy your time together in your beautiful and exciting house. Ajoya can accommodate your preferences, whether you need a big 4-bedroom house for a big family or a 2-bedroom starting house just for the two of you. If you don’t plan on having kids, a perfect 2-bedroom single attached house may be the best for you. You can still opt-in for a single detached house if you want more privacy and space. The Filipino culture of being with our parents is also worth noting for most cases. Most of us still factor in the convenience of their aging parents even though they have already had a family of their own. Your parents and their help could live on the other half for privacy. Either way, Ajoya can give you the dream house you are hoping for.

Safe And Secure For Your Family

The main reason why people buy houses is to provide a roof to live under, another  is to keep your family safe and secured. Ajoya Cabanatuan provides a well-coordinated security team and this kind of centralized line of communication keeps your family safe and comfortable while you sleep. You can never have too much safety and precautions for your family, which is why Ajoya makes sure your family has the best place to live.

During the pandemic, health safety is also one of the most crucial parts of the day-to-day lives of Filipinos. Which is why Ajoya Cabanatuan enforces strict guidelines and encourages social distancing within the community. It is also ideal because of its wide open spaces and an alfresco-like ambiance not just for safety but also to be extremely cozy.

A family friendly neighborhood appeals not only to the residents with children but those who are young and single professionals (or yuppies) as well. It is a real enticer for various people as it is indicative of a safe and secure neighborhood. More importantly, Ajoya Cabanatuan lets a family with children play, socialize and most importantly, make friends. A great neighborhood is a good place to settle.

Well-Maintained And Established Homes

One of the most common indicators of a great neighborhood is how well the homes are maintained. Vecinos/ homeowners have maintained their houses to great lengths, thus showing that people are inclined to preserve the beauty of the surroundings. This adds a positive notion and effect to all people living in it, which is also a good thing for you to live in.

Additionally, by giving its vecinos guidelines on how to maintain their property, the developer takes an active part in making the home more comfortable to live in. It also helps ensure that the resale value of the home is kept at a relatively stable rate.

Perfect Balance Between City And Nature

Finding the right neighborhood is a critical part of finding a home that you can be content with years to come. Cabanatuan is a thriving and bustling city but you will still have peace and tranquility, and freedom within the confines of your home. Ajoya offers elegant houses of quietude and restfulness which is important after a hard day’s work. 

There is a sense of community and belonging when you can open your front door and comfortably walk around your neighborhood. When looking at houses, look to see if people are out riding bikes with their kids or walking their dogs. Some signs of a neighborhood with great walkability are well maintained sidewalks, street lighting, and roads that are kept relatively clear of vehicles and personal property. 

Helpful Amenities

The amenities are also accessible to its residents. You can simply traverse it using the walkways especially designed to get to the town plaza and other amenities within a few minutes. The Clubhouse is also one of the amenities you and your family can enjoy. You can host parties, meetings, and much more. 

The Ajoya Town Plaza, which will be the retail and dining center of the property, is a great place to bond with your family and friends. With all of these to consider, you can live a happy and fulfilling life with your loved ones and find your center within Ajoya.

Aboitizland has been catering to clients for 2 decades relocating families to their heart’s content. Their residential development in Central Luzon, Ajoya Cabanatuan, is a product of that commitment. If you want to know more about it, feel free to visit this web page: https://aboitizland.com/ajoya-cabanatuan/

Lastly, you don’t need to risk getting the virus during the pandemic to search for a home. AboitizLand’s Contactless Home Buying initiative helps you select a home for you and your family without having to risk face to face meetings. Everything will be conducted online and with the touch of your fingertips, all while you fully experience what it’s like to look for a home virtually. Take a virtual tour of the property here: http://bit.ly/AjoyaCabanatuanVirtualTour

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