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Why You Should Invest in Ajoya Pampanga

Located near the heart of Central Luzon, Ajoya Pampanga is expected to be one of the most sought after residential developments in the area. Learn more here.


The Philippines’ real estate industry still holds promise for prospective investors, in spite of a pandemic that raged for the past two years. According to a digital seminar aired and hosted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Property Section, there is still a notable number of rising opportunities for the industry in the coming years. These days, it’s a good time to buy for those looking to invest in residential real estate because of mortgage rates that range from 6% to 8%.

When it comes to the kind of properties investors should look at, it’s important to note that the pandemic has done a lot to shape these perceptions. For example, a major consideration investors are looking for before deciding to invest in a property is its being recession-proof. Will a certain property still be able to withstand economically-devastating events like a pandemic or a war? If a property will be able to withstand the test of both recession and time, then it’s something that’s certainly worth looking into.

Enter Ajoya Pampanga, AboitizLand’s residential development located in the rising business district that is Central Luzon. As it stands, Ajoya Pampanga is one of the most promising locations you can invest in due to a number of factors that’s going to increase its value over the coming years. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in Ajoya Pampanga.

Master-Planned Community

What differentiates a regular real estate investment from a unique one? Apart of course from the developers  and the value associated with their respective projects, it’s also the quality of the community that resides within. Ajoya Pampanga is an example of AboitizLand’s proficiency with master planning.

Following architectural design principles of innovation in modern masterplanning – both of which seek to provide more green open spaces, making the communities more amenitized, and amenities are more accessible within a 5 minute walk. 

Ajoya Pampanga was built with one thing in mind: Convenience for its vecinos. This adds to the value of the property and also helps improve the vecinos’ quality of life. With many different pathways that seem to creatively lead to key areas across the property within a 5-minute time range, any amenity or neighbor you might need to visit is literally just a block or two away. Secondly, the property is founded upon AboitizLand’s commitment to creating more sustainable and environmentally-friendly communities. This is of course done by creating pathways that do not require the use of cars or any other kind of vehicle to travel from one point to another.

Optimally Accessible Location

Strategically placed in the heart of rising business centers like New Clark City and eventually the heart of the National Government come 2030, Ajoya Pampanga is the result of AboitizLand’s genius in making master planned communities. Given this plus the ongoing infrastructure projects going on, its value is expected to rise in the coming years. This makes it an important property to invest in.

In terms of accessibility to key areas of interest however, Ajoya Pampanga still manages to stand out. Being less than 2 hours away from Metro Manila through the NLEX Mexico exit, Ajoya Pampanga is still a good home to have if you work there. If you’re looking for schools that can aid your children’s education, the ACLI Elementary School, the Panipuan Integrated High School and the New Era University are there to help support you. There are also several retail stores and dining establishments throughout the vicinity, making Ajoya Pampanga a stalwart example of convenience.

Ajoya Pampanga is also more or less 10 kilometers away from the Angeles City and Mexico Town Propers, making them easily accessible to you. From the Sindalan market, if you’re looking for fresh goods or produce, it’s 7.6 kilometers away. For Clark International Airport and New Clark City, it’s just about 30-40 kilometers away. You’ll also have access to the New Manila International Airport which is going to be located in Bulacan. These features and its proximity to the mentioned areas makes Ajoya Pampanga a formidably valuable asset to have placed in your investment portfolio.

Excellent Amenities

An important indicator of a property’s value is the set of amenities it has within its vicinity. Not only does it add value to the property itself, it also improves the owner’s quality of life to some extent.

Having fully-functional amenities that’s guaranteed to boost your quality of life and the property’s value, Ajoya Pampanga gives you a compelling reason to invest in its units. As an example, having a swimming pool only 5 minutes away from your home is great because 1) you don’t have to suffer the traffic to get there and 2) you can easily shrug the day’s stress off by taking a dip in it. It also gives you the privilege of being able to take your family there even if it isn’t summer.

If you’re an active person who likes sports or just being able to move around in general, Ajoya Pampanga has a sprawling landscape full of greenbelts, pocket parks and other open spaces that you can run in. You can also play a nice game of casual badminton on the wide open roads of the property. These lush green open spaces are open to every vecino in the area and are considered to be a rare amenity with regards to other competing housing developments. 

If you want to celebrate an important milestone for the family or just want a place to discuss business with your colleagues, the Ajoya Pampanga Clubhouse is something you should consider. It will have several function rooms that you can hold your personal or business events in.

Last, but most certainly not least, the Ajoya Pampanga Town Plaza is what’s going to serve as the residential development’s retail and dining center. So if you’re looking for a retail destination to purchase local and international brands from or just want to hang out with friends and family for a nice dinner, that Town Plaza is the place for you.

Houses Designed By Experts

Ajoya Pampanga’s units are designed by Buensalido+Architects, an award-winning architecture firm. The units are characterized by the use of heavy materials for the base and lighter materials for the upper floors, highlighting their Bahay na Bato inspiration. The units are also equipped with ventanillas that help provide shade while allowing a cool breeze to flow freely into the house. The units also have a porch that allows you to enjoy the fresh air without having to leave the comfort of your physical home.

Space also continues to play a role in increasing the investment value of a property. With Ajoya Pampanga’s units designed to house small to medium families, they’re valuable additions to your portfolio.. For instance, the Single Attached 2-Bedroom and the Single Attached 3-Bedroom units have floor spaces that range from 59 square meters to 73 square meters respectively. These units are good for small to medium sized families. 

If you have a bigger family (or prefer a bigger family as your target market), the Single Attached 4-Bedroom and Single Detached 5-Bedroom units have floor spaces that range from 91 square meters to 107 square meters respectively making them apt for families that have 4-5 members. These units are perfect for established families or couples who would rather have separate rooms and would use them for their individual hobbies.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Ajoya Pampanga, feel free to visit this link: https://aboitizland.com/ajoya-pampanga/. You can also take a virtual tour of this residential development here: http://bit.ly/AjoyaPampangaVirtualTour . 

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