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Why Ajoya Cabanatuan Is Your Best Investment In Central Luzon

Whether you’re an upcoming young investor looking to build your financial security for the future, or a veteran one, Ajoya Cabanatuan might be for you.


Looking for an investment property is not an easy task. There are several elements you need to consider and ponder on before buying one. These factors can either make or break your investment depending on what you are looking for. Given so, sometimes you don’t even know what to look for in investing on a property which can be impractical and cost you a lot of money. Ajoya Cabanatuan is a place where you can invest your money and maintain a fulfilling life because of what the place has to offer for its vecinos. Located in Central Luzon, this development is a promising investment for anyone who’s looking to put add more value into their portfolio.

Aside from its vast rice fields, the province has an abundance of farms, culinary delights, agricultural spots, historical sites, and natural allures like rolling hills and tranquil lakes. In spite of this, it’s still considered one of the most progressive cities in Nueva Ecija, teeming with commercial centers, schools, hospitals and other key areas that most highly urbanized regions have. With these things, you can deduce that getting a lot in Cabanatuan as an investment can potentially increase your portfolio’s value. 

Central Luzon is also fast becoming a sought-after investment destination as it provides residential properties more affordable than in Metro Manila. Being in the heart of the region’s infrastructure boom, it sees the creation of several major thoroughfares, transportation centers and other structures that will bring a prosperous fortune for would-be investors. Here are some of the things that make Ajoya Cabanatuan a great place for investing your hard earned money.

Peaceful Environment

You can never trade a humble and peaceful settlement over a loud, noisy one because it is what your family needs when you want to relax at home. Having a peaceful surrounding is what makes a home comfy and a place to rest. After a long day’s work, you just want to chill and have quality time with your family or have some friends over for socialization. 

Thankfully, Ajoya Cabanatuan offers a serene living environment that can give you some time-off with your family in peace. The wide open spaces of the place provide lush greeneries and beautiful landscapes enveloping the community that promotes tranquility.This contributes to your family being more connected to each other and building a strong foundation for your family’s relationship. 

Tourist Destination

Filipino families love to go on vacations and spend time with their loved ones. Bathing on the beach, walking in the park, and window shopping in the mall are some of the activities families enjoy as a weekend leisure. If you decide to get an investment property in Cabanatuan, you’re not only getting a good investment, you also have easy access to several tourist attractions.

Nueva Ecija is known for beautiful natural gems such as the Colosboa Hills in Cuyapo with its scenic bike trail, Pantabangan Dam which is a must-visit attraction for your household. The Dam overlooks a lovely lake and also has breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. You can visit Minalungao National Park, Batong Amat, Gabaldon Falls, Aloha Falls, and Paasa Peak to have a relaxing moment with your family and nature. You can head to Freedom Park to learn more about Cabanatuan’s rich history through a walking tour. 

Not only does Cabanatuan have an interesting history but it is also known for its culinary decadence such as the store Cakeland. It has been a premier bakeshop that serves delicious sweets and pastries that Filipinos all over Luzon clamor for because of its rich taste. It is no wonder why getting a home in Ajoya Cabanatuan can help your family experience the best of what Central Luzon has to offer.

Convenient Location

Gone are the days when you had to spend so many hours on the road to reach your point of destination. This is because of the newly-built and upcoming road infrastructure projects in Nueva Ecija that makes traveling so much easier. Prior to the road developments, the travel time to Manila was approximately 4 to 5 hours at best, but with the NLEX and the SCTEX, the travel time is reduced almost by half. It now allows you to travel only 2 to 3 hours and reduces the stress of going to Manila or Pampanga with your family.

Another road infrastructure project that will benefit the people living in Ajoya Cabanatuan is the Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX) that has just recently opened. It is a four-lane extension of Phase I and connects Cabanatuan City and San Jose City, passing through the municipalities of Talavera and Llanera in Nueva Ecija. It is expected to cut travel time between Tarlac City and Cabanatuan from 70 minutes to just 20 minutes making it more comfortable than before. There are no shortages of benefits of a convenient location that the community of Ajoya Cabanatuan enjoys. There’s also the soon-to-rise NLEX East which will directly connect Commonwealth to Cabanatuan.

Thanks to the construction of many roads, vecinos of Ajoya Cabanatuan can now enjoy going to places without worrying about the traffic that lies ahead. You don’t have to think of the narrow and busy alternate roads going to the metro, or if it is rush hours on the public markets by the side of the road. If you are working in Manila, you can easily take the bus or drive your car through the expressway and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Business Opportunities

Nueva Ecija may be a landlocked province from the metro, but that doesn’t mean it’s not striving. In fact, great business and job opportunities are constantly growing and are available because of what the province provides. You wouldn’t have to rent a place in Manila and leave your family behind, instead you can buy a home in Ajoya Cabanatuan and be with your family.

With business districts like New Clark City, Northwin Global City, and Montclair Estate, Ajoya Cabanatuan is predicted to have an exponential growth in value. Already with a Positive Volume Index of at least 144.6%, this residential property holds a promise of abundance and prosperity in the next coming years.

Dubbed as the agricultural capital of the Philippines because of its rice granaries, there are boundless opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in the area to take advantage of. You can start your business and make it flourish while being with your family and enjoying what Cabanatuan could provide. It is no wonder why many people are more inclined in buying a home in Ajoya Cabanatuan.

A Home For All Backgrounds

At the end of the day, it’s important to have an investment that’s safe and secure for those who are looking into getting a home. As much as possible, you’d like to have a community that’s open to any and all kinds of people. Ajoya Cabanatuan is a community that’s welcoming to everyone regardless of cultural, preferential or  economic background, making it an ideal place for you to invest in. Offering 2-Bedroom to 4-Bedroom, Parkside and/ or Roadside units, buyers will have a myriad of options to choose from that can potentially fit their needs and lifestyles. They also have the option of getting shophouses and various residential lots.

Investing on a property is not easy but there are certain things to think about to make it less complicated. The location, amenities, and overall value of the property is what makes it important. Ajoya Cabanatuan can help you make your decision on how to maximize the potential of a property to its fullest.

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