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4 Reasons Why Ajoya Pampanga Makes a Great Community

Ajoya Pampanga is a residential development in Central Luzon that promises you a fulfilling experience that only a progressive and vibrant community can offer.


Traffic, noise, pollution, population, and congestion are some of the reasons why Filipino families and professionals are now starting to look for options outside Manila. And so, Pampanga, one of the most accessible provinces in Central Luzon, has become increasingly popular with Filipinos who are looking for a new home. It is one of the nearest and safest provinces to live in that is near the metro that can offer convenience when it comes to commuting and a peaceful environment. 

Raising a family is the most significant and memorable milestone in one’s life. Once you start raising a family, you make all your decisions for their betterment. If you’re looking for the perfect location to start a family or with your adult life, Ajoya Pampanga is the best place for your family to have a home.

Promising Future Developments

The Clark International Airport has been a big factor in Pampanga as one of Asia’s fastest-growing airports today and still developing. According to an article by the Inquirer, in the next few years, Clark will transform entirely because of the forward-thinking projects that are in store for them referring to the government’s Build, Build, Build program. With Skyway Stage 3, NLEX-SLEX, Connector Road, North-South Commuter Railway and more, you’ll have lesser time to travel from the Metro to Central Luzon. This will continue to develop the Airport and its vicinity to accommodate more people and decongest Metro Manila.

The development of Pampanga will just keep getting better through the years and investing in a home for your family now will surely benefit you in the long run. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or prospecting for a place to invest in Pampanga, real estate value will just appreciate and this is an important part to think about. In Ajoya Pampanga with a property value increase of at least 75.9% since 2019, you’ll be able to find a beautiful family home to invest in for a good deal, as well as for both short and long-term investments.

There is no doubt that sustainability is essential nowadays. If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 crisis has taught families and citizens, it is the importance of a sustainable community. Pampanga has become one of the most progressive and promising places in Luzon and is the next big thing when it comes to sustainability because of future developments, projects, and infrastructures.

Friendly Community

Kapampangans are one of the friendliest communities in Luzon because of their friendly nature and willingness to engage in conversations and interactions. For someone looking for a house and a lot in the Philippines, this is an important factor because having a great community can better your life. They will also never hesitate to provide help to those people in need. The innate helpfulness of the people in Pampanga can be contagious thus spreading goodwill to you and your family.

Kapampangans are a very lively and loud people and that is actually a part of the culture that stems from their love of their dialect. Kapampangans are also resilient and religious towards their culture and traditions. These factors are what make living in Ajoya Pampanga a treat because you will be intertwined with the rich culture of Pampanga and its residents. This can be a positive notion wherein your family can experience the heritage of a thriving province in Central Luzon. Apart from the intrinsically fascinating people and region, this residential development has amenities built with its residents in mind, with park-facing homes, clubhouse and pools that allow its vecinos to commune and bond.

Lastly, the air quality in Pampanga is superb despite the many infrastructures and establishments being developed in the vicinity. You’ll see and feel the improved quality of life because of environmental sustainability and fresh air in your community. Having a break from the city can give you and your family the peace you need during the weekends. 

Rich Culinary Culture

Pampanga is not called the culinary capital of the Philippines for nothing. Pampanga’s culture revolves around food and festivities to the point where people visit the province for these reasons alone. Sisig, Tocino, and Kare-kare are some of the greatest dishes in the Philippines and they originated in this province. 

Kapampangan Cuisine is brought by the creativity, hospitality and experimental people of Pampanga. Kapampangans don’t just cook based on what was thought  passed on to them by the Spaniards, they create, reinvent and even improve every dish. Aside from native dishes, Pampango cooking also manages to concoct its version of the latest food craze using new ingredients.

Having a rich culinary culture can greatly enrich your family’s lives because Filipinos love to eat. Your children can enjoy the flavorful dishes of Pampanga and enjoy the luxuries of living in the culinary capital of the Philippines.

Growth And Employment Opportunities 

One of the reasons why people move to Pampanga is because it’s not that far from Metro Manila. However, you don’t have to leave the area if you want a job with a stable income. Clark Freeport Zone can provide you with a job in different industries. And to top it off, other businesses and investors are coming to Pampanga continuously. 

Ajoya Pampanga is situated in progressive cities near New Clark City, the future seat of the national government in 2030 and a future metropolis that will rise in Pampanga. Ajoya Pampanga’s property value is expected to rise rapidly in the next few years because of the developing province. New Clark City has its airport and a railway connecting Metro Manila to New Clark City and is slated to begin operations soon. 

With the up and coming Northwin Global City (55km away) in Bulacan, its property value is expected to skyrocket. Dubbed as the next BGC and Montclair Estate (24km away) planned to be a mixed-use development consisting of logistics hub, commercial complex, office buildings, hotel and leisure, and entertainment facilities, Ajoya Pampanga can potentially be one of the most important investments you can make for you and your future family.

A noteworthy plan of Pampanga’s local government is its Pampanga Megalopolis Plan which aims to use natural resources in physical infrastructures. The project also aims to provide accessible jobs for Kapampangans without having to go to Metro Manila. The project will start on the province golden triangle which are Angeles City, San Fernando, and Mabalacat.

Now that all things considered, keep in mind also that Pampanga has once suffered from the wrath of an angry volcano, it still has proven itself capable of overcoming the tragedy  and is now thriving. Pampanga shows so much potential not only in terms of economic development but also in tourism by becoming a new metropolis in the country. Being an hour away (2.7 kilometers) from Mexico Exit of NLEX, Ajoya Pampanga is your gateway to the wonders of North Luzon providing a community that offers security and amenities that you and your family can enjoy. When living in Pampanga, having a home from the country’s best real estate developer is a good choice.

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